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Too cold to play outside?

Posted on 02-02-2017

Chilly days don’t always have to turn into movie marathons or video game madness. When children spend extended periods of time playing video games or watching videos online, their long-term concentration and academic performance can be negatively impacted. Fortunately, there are numerous ways your preschooler can “unplug” from electronics and stay entertained when playing outside isn’t an option.

Stimulate their imagination

Being stuck inside the house on a wintry day can elicit that “stir crazy” feeling we all know too well. By participating in certain creative activities, you can unlock your child’s imagination and improve their cognitive development. Cut out photos from old magazines and paste them together to create a mosaic, or plan an indoor scavenger hunt to encourage critical thinking!

Incorporate education

Even if it’s a snow day or the weekend, your child can continue to learn. A trip to your local science or children’s museum can provide him or her with an exciting, educational experience. Plus, all of that walking will keep your child active! If weather conditions prevent you from leaving the house, reading or crafting together are two activities that are both engaging and entertaining.

Bond through baking

Who doesn’t love the smell (and taste) of freshly baked goods? Incorporating children in baking can give them a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to bond with family. Younger children can be given tasks like stirring or taste testing, while older kids can learn to measure ingredients. Afterwards, you can share a plate of goodies with a neighbor and bring some warmth to their day. Whether it’s cookies, cobbler, or brownies, this activity will be an absolute treat.

Cherish the downtime

When all else fails, remember that it’s okay to step back and take a break from your busy schedule. Cozying up with blankets and hot chocolate is the perfect way to enjoy family time together while resting up for the remainder of your weekly responsibilities.

When heading outside to go sledding and build snowmen isn’t an option, we hope you’ll turn to these tips for keeping your little one busy and happy this winter.

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