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Spring Sports: Fun Sports to Play in the Warm Weather

Posted on 04-04-2017

Spring is here and it’s the season for outdoor sports! Your preschool child may not be old enough to start playing for a real team, but you can get them started on a smaller scale so they can get excited about it and get a head start on practice.


Invest in a tee, bat, and baseball, and your little one will have all they need to begin their sports career. Be sure to point them away from any windows as they embark on their batting practice! You can let them start out by using a tennis ball instead of a baseball if you want to avoid any possible injuries. Let them learn coordination before they start using the harder balls.


Soccer is a ton of fun for little ones because in the early stages of the sport, there is not much skill required. They can learn how to run and keep up with a ball while running in a specific direction. There are so many awesome motor skills that can be learned through soccer! Grab a soccer ball and a few cones to serve as goal markings, and turn your preschooler loose!

Ultimate Frisbee

You’re going to need to get out in the yard for this one, and have some fun with your child! All you need is a Frisbee and a yard to play in. Start out at close distance as you throw the Frisbee to each other, and slowly lengthen the space between the two of you until your little one learns to throw the Frisbee properly.

Always remember to have fun! It’s okay to bend the rules a little bit for the sake of learning and growing together. Make up your own rules, and add in any personalized style that your family enjoys, like counting the number of times you each catch the Frisbee! The most important thing is to stay safe, learn something new, and get some sunshine!

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