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Preschoolers and Homework

Posted on 08-25-2017

Did you know even preschoolers can be assigned homework? While these assignments are meant to instill basic principles that they learn in school, homework is more than just something to complete as quickly as possible. It is a great way to spend time with your child and encourage excitement for learning. Here are some ways to best help your preschooler with their homework.

Set a routine

Children respond best to routines and a reliable schedule to fall back on. Making homework time the same time every day is the best way to get your child into the habit of working on schoolwork at home without question. Remember - little kids can get distracted easily or may not see their home as a place for sitting still and learning yet. Find a place that is quiet, free of distractions, and comfortable for your preschooler to focus.

Mentally prepare your child

If your preschooler is too tired, excited, hungry, or cranky, they won’t be able to focus or do well on their schoolwork, and they will begin to assign negative attributes to homework. Making sure your child is well-fed and well rested before starting homework will help them do their very best!

Homework can be fun

Making homework a chore or form of punishment is a fast way to get your child to dread and reject all things school-related. Show positivity and excitement when talking about schoolwork and even incorporate games or music into finishing their assignment if your child responds well to that. Remember, the homework belongs to the child-let him own it! Just step back and let your little genius work! You might be amazed how much he can do on his own!

Lastly, remember to ask the right questions. Your preschooler’s homework will be based off of things that were talked about in school, so they should only need some gentle prompting to remind them of what they learned. Give them the time and space to answer the questions without giving them the answer first, and lead them to the correct place from there.

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