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How to Get a Preschool Child to Start Something New

Posted on 05-01-2017

Springtime represents all things new, from the start of the New Year in January to the birth of new life in April. What better time to encourage your preschooler to try new things?

Whether it’s eating vegetables they’ve previously rejected or learning how to swim as the weather warms up, there are countless “firsts” for your child to experience. Here is how you can motivate your preschooler to try new things.

Get cooking.

If your child has been reluctant to eat that mysterious green vegetable you’ve placed on their dinner plate, try incorporating them into the cooking process. From washing the veggies to plating them up, your little one will familiarize himself with this new type of food, making the tasting process much smoother.

If your preschooler is getting involved in a new extracurricular activity or sport, plan to arrive to the event early.

Spending ten or fifteen minutes in their new environment before the activity or social event begins can provide them with feelings of security and confidence as they prepare for whatever is to come!

Introduce your child to music, art, or sports they’ve never been exposed to.

If your little one isn’t particularly loving basketball or baseball, teach them about the wide variety of sports that exist, and find the one that sparks their interest! Even listening to new genres of music or visiting an art museum to see unique paintings and sculptures can inspire your youngster to try new things.

Allow your preschooler to take on small increments of responsibility at home.

Inviting them to help you feed the pets in the morning or asking them for help straightening up the pillows on the couch will encourage them to take initiative in their daily lives. Plus, the extra responsibility and independence will boost your child’s confidence and encourage them to tackle any goal they set.

If you’re unsure what’s holding your little one back from trying new things, encourage them to share their fears with you and reassure them that they can overcome these challenges. While some children acclimate to changes effortlessly, others are reluctant to step out of their comfort zone. Remember to be patient and supportive as your preschooler explores new skills and hobbies. 

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