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Holiday Gifts for Children

Posted on 12-02-2016

How do you decide what to get for your preschooler for the holidays? Parents should get some kind of award every January for actually pulling it off. It’s a near impossible feat managing it all during the busiest time of year. Some of these ideas just might make it a little easier.

  • Want

The holidays always draw a line in the sand. “I want that!” your child says. “Yes, but you don’t need that,” you say. It’s always difficult to get your child to want what she needs. Why not try to combine the two? If she wants a new doll, why not buy her a dress that looks like the one on the doll?

  • Need

Thinking creatively about how to package what your child needs into something your child wants is the gift of every advertiser. This year, though, it might be best to just spend your limited money on something your child needs. A new pair of shoes or something for school might be just the thing to get your child this year.

  • Wear

Clothes last so much longer than toys. After all, kids need to wear clothes, but they don’t need Mega Bro Sword Holder 3000. Things like shoes or pants can last for a while too, which makes them the perfect gift. Now, how to convince them that clothes are cool…

  • Read

How can you buy a gift and also set up your child for success at the same time? A book can do it! Reading is one of the most important things in a person’s developmental life, and starting young can do wonders. Why not get your child a great children’s book this year, like Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia?

We hope these ideas will give you the confidence to get your child something that she needs, something that makes him happy, something that will help him in life. We know that’s a tall order, but a little creative thinking can go a long way this year.

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