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Helping Your Child Appreciate Cultural Differences

Posted on 07-15-2015


Loving parents are eager to teach their children everything they know and have learned through their life’s experience. As an infant, your baby’s interactions are primarily limited to parents, family, and your close friends. As growth begins, your children will learn your customs and habits. They will automatically learn to eat and enjoy the activities that you value. Your children will hear your music, experience your beliefs, and embrace many of your habits and cultural norms. Your way of living will become the foundation for how they view life, learn, and grow.

As your child continues to grow and experience new environments such as preschool, he will meet other children who may exhibit totally different habits and activities. One of the benefits of a preschool education is the opportunity to learn about and interact with children from various cultures.

Here are a few tips to help your child understand and appreciate cultural and behavioral differences.

  • Introduce your children to different food and music. One of the best ways to appreciate a culture is to experience the fun cuisine, celebrations, etc.
  • If you adhere to certain religious beliefs, let your child know that other children also have religious beliefs that may be different from your family.
  • Cultural and behavioral differences can also be a result of a child who is challenged in an area. Encourage your child to be kind and friendly to all children, especially to a child who has special challenges.
  • Remind your child to never make jokes or hurt a child’s feelings because of a difference in appearance, beliefs, clothes, or social status.
  • Try to demonstrate diversity in your home to help your child appreciate loving friends from different cultures.

Children have a special language of love and acceptance. They can easily adapt to a person who is different when they are in a loving and nurturing environment. Infants, toddlers, or preschool children have a universal understanding of hugs, laughter, and fun! That’s just one reason why Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Castle Rock is committed to creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere with a curriculum designed for different learning styles. Our learning happens indoors and outdoors and every culture and nationality is welcome!

We hope you will stop by and visit our Learning Academy, meet our teachers and staff, and see how we are so much more than a daycare or childcare center!

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